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Crossbow starting tips

What does crossbow performance mean?

The performance of a crossbow = how much energy can be transmitted on the arrow independent from draw weigths (lbs). The rule of thumb is:

A crossbow with a draw length (= distance from the chord’s rest position to the lock) less than 10 inch (approx. 25cm) can not achieve the power of modern high-performance crossbows. Even if advertising draw weights of 200lbs and other superlatives, you should not be deceived.

However, the cross-recurve-spool-system of the swiss manufacturer “Swiss Crossbow Makers” is an exception. This system tightens the chord in 4 points simultaneously producing extraordinary fast propulsion on a distance less than 8 inch.

AIA Crossbow starter tips, step by step

Alle Einsteigertipps im Überblick:

  1. What does crossbow performance mean?
  2. The crossbow’s dismountability
  3. How does the trigger of a crossbow work?
  4. Do I need a cocking aid for the crossbow?
  5. Are the crossbow's weight and size of importance for me?
  6. Is the crossbow's weight of importance for me?
  7. Is the crossbow ready for shooting?
  8. Are you offering a basic setting for the crossbow?
  9. How important is the tractive force for the arrow's energy and speed?
  10. Does the crossbow offer a dry fire safety?
  11. Is the scope rail made of plastics or metal?
  12. Is the scope fulfilling the requirements for shooting?
  13. Do I need further attachment parts for the scope including the attachment rings?
  14. Which arrows can I shoot with…?
  15. Is the rail made of plastics or metal?
  16. How great is the strings pressure on the rail?
  17. How great is the string's abrasion / the roll’s abrasion?
  18. Is it recommended to use a crossbow with or without a barrel?
  19. Cost- / performance ratio
  20. Are the strings and cables made of different materials?
  21. The energy transfer of compound crossbows is characterised by:
  22. The energy transfer of recurve crossbows is characterised by:
  23. Are arrow speeds comparable?
  24. How accurate shoots the crossbow?