Pro Elite QX 4

Prices and Packages

Pro Elite QX 4, TenPoint Crossbow Technologies

The Pro Elite QX 4 will be provided with following:

  • 3 arrows ProElite Carbon
  • Scope ProView 3x32 TenPoint
  • TenPoint stringwax
  • TenPoint oil for the trigger, string and rail
  • Dampenig package
  • free shipping within Germany
Crossbow from our model archive.
This model is no longer manufactured and is no longer available. Questions regarding accessories, spare parts or successor models: Contact or use leaflet.
Der Merkzettel kann als unverbindliche Anfrage gesendet werden.
As German direct importer for crossbows of TenPoint Crossbows we offer full technical service, many years of experience, complete spare parts in stock as well as qualified advice.

Our impression

The brand of the crossbow world champion 2010 - WCSA sporting crossbow 3D in Stockholm / Schweden - H. Nischan / Germany and world champion 2009 - WCSA sporting crossbow 3D in Salzburg / Austria - Janko Pinter/ Slovenia - both with TenPoint Phantom CLS

The crossbow Pro Elite QX-4 is the top-model of the manufacturer TenPoint Crossbows and is being produced with state-of-the-art technically implemented properties like a dry fire safety, support-hand safety, mountable cocking aid and many more. . The North American company exclusively produces compound crossbows and is reckoned as leading on this sector.

The Pro Elite QX-4 features all the characteristics and accessories of the Elite QX-4 but, being produced in a limited edition, is fully covered with the Realtree Hardwoods Green HD Camo. Furthermore, this package boasts 12 carbon arrows, 1 sling, one 3-arrow-quiver, one 3-arrow-quiver belt-adaptor, 1 SteddyEddy telescoping monopod, 6 Broadheads, 1 brand new red or green lighted Pro View 3x32 crossbowscope with all together 5 point/ line reticle.

We offer all –QX-4 crossbows with the option of an integrated cocking aid. You can choose between the ACU Draw 50 or the ACU Draw – crank cocking aid for a smooth and easy cocking.

These crossbows are really bursting with highlights and innovations.

By employing special dampers on the limbs(Elite models only) and in the riser(all models) these crossbows are even more silent than the older Stealth or Magnum Extreme series.

Every crossbow of the QX-4 Series boasts an outstanding precision, owned to one of the best triggers (Power Touch Trigger) in this sector.

The Crossbow Hunter Unlimited 3D European Championship 2006 in Austria was won with a TenPoint crossbow.

Safety First! According to that priority 3 security measures are included: an automatic Ladesicherung, dry fire safety, additional support-hand safety).

A height adjustable scoperail can be included optionally (Pro Elite Models).

The workmanship is one of the best on the market and therefore TenPoint is not called the Mercedes of the crossbow-manufacturer for nothing.

TenPoint’s Pro Elite QX-4 is available in 2006 in a complete package and as a single crossbow. Please feel free to ask.

Technical specification

Pro Elite QX 4
TenPoint Crossbow Technologies
Type (Compound/Recurve)
Draw weight
185 lbs
3,8 kg
11.3 Inch
Teflon impregnated
Dryfire protection
Hollow machined track
Number of limbs
CNC machined riser
Sight base included
Length incl. stirrup
37.40 Inch
Bowstring material
Trigger safety
3,50 lbs
Trigger safety autom
Withdrawal force
824,04 N
Overall width
27.36 Inch
Dampening system
Length without stirrup
33.66 Inch
Loudness (tendency)
Powertouch Trigger
String and cablesystem
Total mass
8.5 lbs
  • automatic safety,dry fire safety and additional support-hand safety
  • 3arrow quiver mountable
  • 2 different cocking aid systems mountable (ACU Draw and ACU Draw 50)
  • stirrup foldable, can be used as a tripod(optional)
  • quiveradaptor for belt (optional)
  • Shoulder sling for TenPoint (optional)
  • Dampening Package (limbs, arrow downholder, string)
  • hard-top case (optional)

Arrow speed

  • Minimalarrow ( grain):
    Arrow speed
    Arrow energy
  • Idealarrow (417 grain):
    Arrow speed
    95 m/s
    342 km/h
    313 fps
    Arrow Energy
    91 ft. lbs
  • Standardarrow (506 grain):
    Arrow speed
    87 m/s
    313,2 km/h
    285 fps
    Arrow Energy

Matchin crossbowarrows

Arrow weight
417 grain
Shaft spline carbon
Shaft spline alu
Arrow length
20 Inches
min. arrow diameter
8,73 mm


  • max. adjustable range with scope and accessories (elevation scope mount):
    0-76.9 yard
  • max. range standardvisor:
    --- yard