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In our crossbow shop we exclusively sell high-quality models with crossbows from TenPoint, Scorpyd, Wicked Ridge, Darton Archery and Excalibur. Beginners, amateurs and professionals alike can find the best crossbow that will meet all their needs.

No matter whether you want to buy the best Compound Crossbow or the best Recurve Crossbow for you, ARROW IN APPLE has without exception crossbow models that have proven successful with crossbow athletes, marksmen in competitions, for leisure or hunting and even in our own practical application.

What this means: We sell crossbows and crossbow accessories made with their materials, workmanship and performance characteristics, of which we personally are strongly convinced. For crossbows, we therefore always indirectly include a purchase recommendation.

Direct import and our inventory enable us to have the crossbow manufacturer's range of products in stock and ready to ship. From the high-quality high-tech crossbow, crossbow arrows (formerly called bolts), targets and scopes to special damping and trigger systems, we offer everything needed for the crossbow sport in our online shop.

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Many times when buying a crossbow, the decision is made based on the "super properties" listed or perhaps a "Star Wars look". However, the sporting success of the crossbows we offer clearly speak another language. Various European and world champion titles in crossbow sport show what the crossbow models we offer are really able to achieve.

Purchasing a crossbow involves familiarizing oneself with a complex subject and sports equipment.

Here, an example of crossbow performance:

In many places, the performance for compound and recurve crossbows is wrongly defined solely by the maximum draw weight (pound / lbs). It would, however, be remiss to let yourself be blinded by these figures when deciding on your purchase. The draw weight must always be considered within all crossbow's components. The combination of the following characteristics among others influences a crossbow's performance:

  • the bow type (compound or recurve)
  • the CAM system – the size and shape are the deciding factors
  • the draw length
  • the crossbow arrow (material, weight etc.)
  • the draw weight

The answer to the question "How does the crossbow transfer energy to the arrow?" cannot be answered solely by considering the pound value!

The crossbow should fit

Similar to a shoe, these features are essentially trivial and based solely on personal preference: Workmanship, look and feel must match your own personal wishes. The size must fit. And, very important: The functionality must be immaculate. The same is true when purchasing a crossbow.

This does not automatically mean the fastest or most expensive crossbow, but rather the one that the crossbowman can handle the best. With all sport crossbows that we offer, the arrow speed is at a very high level. A crossbow that fits perfectly can always balance apparent insufficient arrow speed, as this improves handling and increases precision.

Fascinated by crossbows? Please, just ask us!

Even if you buy your crossbow online: We are happy to advise you before, during and after your purchase. We offer only high-quality crossbows that are ready for immediate use and represent more than just a crossbow online shop.

On our sites you can find out more about precision, the joy and fascination of our sports equipment as well as the related sport. From beginner tips and information on the crossbow sport to the specially founded German Crossbow Federation (Armbrustbund), we offer a vast array of information on the crossbow world. Then you can decide, which crossbow best suits you.

Do you have questions about one or more crossbows? You would like to buy a crossbow but would like advice or are not sure which accessories you need? Give us a call or write us an e-mail. We will gladly advise you and provide you with a recommendation as to which crossbow would best suit you and your needs.

The best crossbows.
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