Order, Payment and Shipping

If not stated otherwise all crossbows and accessories are in stock, stored and available for shipment.
Leaflet This leaflet is not automatically an order. Your order will be placed only, if you will advise explicitly. Feel free to use thits leaflet as an orientation. As required it is possible to use this leaflet as an order. Pleas let us know.
Why no typical online-shop? That's quite easy: we want to save all of us from a bad buy.

Payment methods
We do not offer other payment methos like Paypal. In contrast to our crossbows we seem to be old-fashioned. Alternative payment methods after consultation.
Payment in advance You will get in advance an order confirmation. The goods will leave our stock directly after we received the money. Inside Europe the bank transfer usually last 2-3 working days.
Cash on delivery The goods will leave by cash on delivery our store on working days till 2 o'clock (p.m.) mostly on the same day. Feel free to ask us about cash on delivery to your country too, in some cases it will be provided by DHL.
Cash payment After consultation.

Shipping, worldwide

We'll ship with love and DHL, worldwide. Your will receive your package in an neutral covering box. For the delivery we will charge usually following shipment cost:

Paketgewichte / Berechnungsgrundlage: Pakete bis 3 kg
meist nur Zubehör
Pakete bis 10 kg
meist Armbrust/Bogen inkl. etwas Zubehör
Pakete bis 20 kg
ein oder mehrere Armbrüste/Bögen mit viel Zubehör
International shipment
Österreich und EU* Parcel up to 3 kg
EUR 15,50
Parcel up to 10 kg
EUR 22,50
Parcel up to 20 kg
EUR 33,50
Switzerland EUR 17,50 EUR 30,50 EUR 49,50
further countries We'll ship worldwirde. The shipping costs varys on weight and size. Please feel free to ask.
Cash on delivery, if available
Germany, Austria & Switzerland EUR 4,50
If you prefer another carrier or would like to receive your parcel via express, please let us know. Feel free to ask us about those topics.
List of EU-Countries including the amount of VAT
Belgium (21% TVA/BTW)Bulgaria (20% DDS)Germany (19% MwSt)Denmark (25% MOMS)Estonia (20% KMKR)Finland (24% AVL)France (20% TVA)Greece (24% FPA)Ireland (23% VAT)Italy (22% IVA)Croatia (25% PDV)Latvia (21% PVN)Lithuania (21% PVM)Luxembourg (17% TVA)Malta (18% VAT)Netherlands (21% OB)Northern Ireland (20% VAT)Austria (20% MwSt)Poland (23% VAT)Portugal (23% IVA)Romania (19% TVA)Sweden (25% ML)Slovakia (20% DPH)Slovenia (22% DDV)Spain (21% IVA)Czech Republic (21% DPH)Hungary (27% AFA)Cyprus (19% FPA)
* EU includes here: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Cyprus. Your country is not listed? No worries - Ask us.
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If your country is not available, don't worry - just select "Germany" and ask for the shipping costs when ordering or using the leaflet.
Any questions about crossbows, accessories or an order? Feel free to call us: +49 (0)30 9441 70 20 .
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