"Apfelturnier" 2020, the 23th ARROW IN APPLE crossbow-tournament

Weitere Infos zum 23. ARROW IN APPLE Armbrustturnier demnächst.

Für gewöhnlich gibt es eine attraktive Armbrust aus unserem Angebot zu gewinnen.

The traditional "Appletournament" of ARROW IN APPLE

starts at 23. May 2020 for the 23th time in Panketal (north of berlin)

Starting time: 11.00 o`clock

Who is able to participate?

Every shooter at the age of 18 years with an commercially available, reliable and working crossbow is authorized for participation.

Almost every shooter will have the chance to win the first price within the last arrow, like the last tournaments have shown.

How many shooters are able to take part?

72 at maximum.

Bis wann kann ich mich anmelden/registrieren?

Theoretically, each potential participant can register up to 24 hours before the start of the tournament. But:

We strongly recommend that you register and pay the start fee as early as possible. Because: prepaiders have their starting place secure, all applications are treated chronologically. First come first serve.

If there are more registrations than starting places, prepaiders have priority. Starting fee is always forfeit money. Exceptions are over-occupancy, in this case: participation fees paid too late are refunded.

For late decision-makers or unannounced participants there may also be the possibility to get a starting place on the tournament day (before the start of the tournament, by 10:00 at the latest). Either one or more starting places are free or moving up for someone who is prevented. Here we can not guarantee a starting place.

Registrations: 51 Fee payed: 0
Degree of occupancy: 0% (0 von 72):
Last update on 31.03.20.


The 23. ARROW IN APPLE Crossbowtournament starts Saturday the 23.05.2020, starting time 11.00 o´clock (GMT), at the sporting-/crossbowfield, Straße der Jugend in 16341 Panketal (north of Berlin).

The entry fee is about EUR 30,00. For members of the Armbrustbund it's only EUR 25,00.

All further informatio about the crossbow-tournament, participation conditions, rules and informationen about registration you can find in the following PDF-document:

Das PDF mit allen Infos folgt. Wer's nicht abwarten kann, klickt hier und gelangt zum Anmeldeformular für 2020.

Further information:
SG Einheit Zepernick

Our tournament takes place with friendly support of the SG Einheit Zerpernick club. Thank you very much!

armbrustbund.de - Armbrust-Cup Wertungsturnier

This tournament is a "Armbrust-Cup" rated tournament. As a part of the appletournament the Armbrust-Cup 2019 award ceremony of the Armbrustbund (German Crossbow Association) will take place there as well.

Registration (Exclusive via online form)

Pleas use for registration only our contact formular. The * tagged fields are necessary for registration.

The registration is binding. You will get the information about the payment of the entry fee about EUR 30,00 after the automatic confirmation e-mail from us individual.

* Registration Apfelturnier 2020
* Gender
* Entry fee

Any questions about crossbows, accessories or an order? Feel free to call us: +49 (30) 9441 70 20.
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