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Data specification Deathstalker 360
Name Deathstalker 360
Manufacturer Scorpyd
Type (Compound/Recurve) Compound
Draw weight 115 lbs
Weight 2,8 kg
Powerstroke 17,25 Inch
Teflon impregnated No
Dryfire protection Yes
Hollow machined track No
Number of limbs 2
CNC machined riser Yes
Sight base included Yes
Length incl. stirrup 32,5 Inch
Bowstring material DynaFlight
Country USA
Trigger safety Yes
Triggerweight 1,5 lbs
Trigger safety autom No
Withdrawal force -
Overall width -
Dampening system Yes
Length without stirrup -
Loudness (tendency) sehr leise ++
Triggersystem Jim Kempf Trigger
String and cablesystem uniform
Total mass 6,2 lbs
Specifics -
Arrow speed Deathstalker 360
Standardarrow (506 grain) Standardarrow (506 grain)
Arrow speed - -
- -
Arrow Energy - -
- -
Idealarrow (400,2 grain) Idealarrow ( grain)
Arrow speed 104 - -
340 - -
Arrow Energy 143 Joule E0 -
106 ft-lb (foot-pound) -
Minimalarrow (375 grain) Minimalarrow ( grain)
Arrow speed 110 m/s -
360 fps -
Arrow energy 146 Joule E0 -
108 ft-lb (foot-pound) -
Crossbow arrows Deathstalker 360
Arrow weight 400,2 grain
Shaft spline carbon 2264
Shaft spline alu -
Arrow length 20 Inches
min. arrow diameter 8,7 mm

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