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Bow Jax dampening system

TenPoint Crossbows
Bow Jax dampening system (2158)

less vibrations for limbs, stirrup, cable saver and arrow retention spring of your TenPoint crossbow

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Crossbow(s) fitting for Bow Jax dampening system
  • Blazer HP
  • Carbon Elite Extra XLT
  • Carbon Elite XLT
  • Carbon Fusion CLS
  • Elite QX 4
  • Invader G3
  • Lady Shadow
  • Lazer HP
  • Legend Ultra Lite
  • Phantom CLS
  • Phantom CLS Black
  • Phantom CLS Camo
  • Phantom Extra Spezial CLS
  • Pro Elite QX 4
  • QX 4
  • Raider CLS
  • Shadow CLS
  • Shadow Ultra Lite
  • Stealth FX4
  • Stealth FX4 Xtra
  • Stealth SS
  • Stealth XLT
  • Stealth XLT extra
  • Tactical XLT
  • Tactical XLT Extra
  • Titan SS
  • Titan Xtreme
  • Turbo GT 2018
  • Turbo XLT II
  • Vapor
  • Venom
  • Venom Xtra
  • Warrior HL 2015
Alternate similiar accessories:
Wicked Ridge WR Invader G3, Warrior G3, Ranger Dampening rods
In stock.
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