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Excalibur Crypt Case


compact case does fit for all Excalibur Micro models

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Crossbow(s) fitting for Excalibur Crypt Case
  • Assassin 360
  • Assassin 360 Strata
  • Deanbow
  • MAG 340 Black
  • MAG 340 Mobuc
  • MAG 340 Realtree Excape
  • Micro 308 Serenity
  • Micro 308 short
  • Micro 308 SHORT BANSHEE
  • Micro 315
  • Micro 335 Kryptek Raid LE
  • Micro 335 Nightmare
  • Micro 335 Realtree Xtra
  • Micro 340 TD
  • Micro 340 TD Realtree Timber
  • Micro 355
  • Micro 355 Suppressor Strata
  • Micro 355 Supressor
  • Micro 360 TD PRO full suppressed (black)
  • Micro 360 TD PRO full suppressed (kryptek altitude)
  • Micro Suppressor 400 TD
  • TwinStrike MOBUC
  • TwinStrike Strata
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