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18" ArcherOpterX R, 2" Blazer Vanes, .001, Brass Insert, Flat Nock


18 inch carbon arrow with .001 straightness and with 2 inch blazer vanes (right twisted).

ArcherOpterX is a new type of arrow that can be specially cut, adjusted or tuned for modern and powerful crossbows.

Please add your matching TopHat tip to the shopping cart if required. If you are unsure about the arrow weight, simply let us know in the comments field.

The Flat Nock is also included. Any bulbs (if shown) are not included, but can be purchased separately from us. The shaft thickness or diameter allows the use of e.g. end cams of a wide variety of crossbows. The straightness (straightness .001) of 1/1000 inch, the use of exact brass inserts and the combination with the currently best practice tip (TopHat) make the arrow outstanding.

In stock.


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