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22 Inch Carbon Express Surge

Carbon Express

The Carbon Express 22 has many advantages compared with most aluminium alloys and other carbon arrows:

A higher energy consumption despite of a lesser weight (due to the shaft’s higher rigidity when firing). More long-lasting (no irreversible bending when firing, pulling the arrow and so on). A very precise workmanship (weight-differences up to max. 0.1g, whereas this difference is mostly to be found at the head, not at the arrow’s shaft). An absolutely even shaft. This arrow can mostly be reused even after the hunting trip. A most precise flight path, especially at very great distances.

The arrow’s shaft boasts a very high stability compared with ordinary carbon arrows when hitting very firm materials, due to a special lamination and cross-linking of the carbon and glass fibres.

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Datasheet of 22 Inch Carbon Express Surge
Carbon Express
Arrow material
Carbon/fiber glass
Arrow weight grain
475 grain
Arrow length Inch
22 Inch
Saunders Bullet
Arrowhead weight
100 grain
3 x
Vanes rifling
Vanes material
moon nocks
Shaft spline
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Crossbow(s) fitting for 22 Inch Carbon Express Surge
  • Equinox
  • Exocet 200
  • ExoMax
  • Fireforce
  • FireForce 2015
  • Fireforce Sport
  • Hunter Express SL
  • Impact Sport
  • Phoenix
  • Safari Classic
  • Stinger
  • Stinger Carbondesign
  • Storm
  • Super Sport
  • Toxin 135 SS
  • Toxin 150 SS
  • Toxin 150 XT
  • Toxin 180 SS
  • Toxin 180 XT
  • Viper SS
  • Vixen II
  • Vortex
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