Swiss Crossbow Makers Twinbow II Sixpack Riser

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Twinbow II Sixpack Riser, Swiss Crossbow Makers

The Twinbow II Sixpack Riser will be provided with following:

  • Scope mount (scope not included)
  • Scope height adjustment
  • free shipping within Germany
  • built-in cocking mechanism
  • 3 arrows incl.
  • attention: the price is only for the x bow not for the package
Crossbow from our model archive.
This model is no longer manufactured and is no longer available. Questions regarding accessories, spare parts or successor models: Contact.

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The Twinbow II is the most extraordinary innovation produced serially since the invention of the crossbow.

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New since 2007- dry fire protection in all Twinbows II

The apparent extraordinary look of the crossbow already urges to surmise, that the producer SCM – “Swiss Crossbow Makers” has been going very new ways in order to create this remarkable crossbow. The goal was to build a crossbow that is small, compact, easy to load with a built-in cocking aid, a very light trigger with a hardly recognizable backstroke and that is furthermore very silent and fast.

All this has been implemented. 2 opposite double-limbs that use a chord/roll-system to project the energy that is released left and right in the proper direction of the shot onto the arrow, are responsible for arrow speeds upto 370fps with a 350grain arrow. 2.399,- EUR is the package price, incl. bow press, 3 -9 x 40 red or green illuminated AIA crossbow scope, 2 x 3 arrow quiver, 6 arrows, Twinbow hardcase, manuel book, hex key and the Twinbow II.

This swiss crossbow looks like a smaller version of itself, simply because she is three-times smaller (in areaspace) than other, “space consuming” crossbows. Despite being more a recurve than a compound crossbow the sound of the shot resembles more a “key in the lock”-sound than the banging sounds of other crossbows. But in the moment you are retrieving your arrows from the target you will realize what kind of toy the Twinbow II is. The AIA TwinbowII 18 arrows with 125grain or 145 grain tips can be recommended.

Technical specification

Twinbow II Sixpack Riser
Swiss Crossbow Makers
Type (Compound/Recurve)
Draw weight
397 lbs
3,6 kg
7.76 Inch
Teflon impregnated
Dryfire protection
Hollow machined track
Number of limbs
CNC machined riser
Sight base included
Length incl. stirrup
34.45 Inch
Bowstring material
Trigger safety
1.98 lbs
Trigger safety autom
Withdrawal force
1765,8 N
Overall width
16.54 Inch
Dampening system
Length without stirrup
34.45 Inch
Loudness (tendency)
sehr leise ++
nach oben öffnend
String and cablesystem
Total mass
7.9 lbs
  • thenar trigger safety
  • integrated cocking lever mechanism
  • integrated height adjustement of the scope mount
  • hardly any knockback

Arrow speed

  • Minimalarrow (350 grain):
    Arrow speed
    107/113 m/s
    350/370 fps
    Arrow energy
    130/145 Joule E0
    96 /107 ft-lb (foot-pound)
  • Idealarrow (465 grain):
    Arrow speed
    95 m/s
    342 km/h
    310 fps
    Arrow Energy
    134 Joule E0
    99 ft-lb (foot-pound)
  • Standardarrow (506 grain):
    Arrow speed
    91,5 m/s
    329,4 km/h
    300 fps
    Arrow Energy
    137 Joule E0
    101 ft-lb (foot-pound)

Matchin crossbowarrows

Arrow weight
465 grain
Shaft spline carbon
Shaft spline alu
Arrow length
16 - 22 Inches
min. arrow diameter
8,73 mm


  • max. adjustable range with scope and accessories (elevation scope mount):
    99+ yard
  • max. range standardvisor:
    99+ yard
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