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TenPoint Nemesis Broadhead (3 pk)

TenPoint Crossbows
TenPoint Nemesis Broadhead (3 pk) (4532)

Twice the Damage. Twice the Blood. Twice the Devastation.



The 100-grain Nemesis Broadhead is designed for maximum penetration & hemorrhage, cutting a 2-blade, 2″ entry wound & a 4-blade, 2″ x 1.75″ exit hole for a devastating total cut of 3.75″.

Designed to transfer the extra energy of today’s fastest crossbows into more lethal power, the Nemesis is the most accurate mechanical broadhead & inflicts more damage to create a larger hole, more blood loss, & better blood trails for a faster recovery.

On impact, the broadhead cuts a 2-bladed, 2” entry wound and after the broadhead passes the rib cage and enters the vitals, the two rear blades open for an additional, 1.75” of internal cut and exit wound.

On a marginal hit, even the orientation of the broadhead’s blades can be the difference between a quick recovery or a lost animal. The Nemesis 4-blade design inflicts more damage to create a larger hole, more blood loss, and better blood trails for a faster recovery.

Features & Benefits

  • Weight: 100-grains
  • Total Cut: 3.75″
  • Speed Rating: Unlimited
  • Ultra-strong 7075 T6 Aluminum Ferrule
  • Hardened chisel tip for bone-splitting penetration
  • Expandable impact blades made of .036″ 420 Stainless Steel (2″ entry cut)
  • The Most Accurate Broadhead on the Market

TenPoint has tested over 50 different models of broadheads from our fastest crossbows and the results speak for themselves – the Nemesis is the most accurate mechanical broadhead we have ever tested and sets a new standard for broadhead accuracy.

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