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The Deanbow will be provided with following:

  • The Dean crossbow is delivered with an integrated and smoothly functioning tensioning mechanism, packed in a stable and compact transport case
  • The Dean Crossbow works with a 3-9 x 42 AIA (ArrowInApple) Flex Range Crossbow Scope with integrated arrow flight curve up to 120m. Every number 1-12 in the reticle can illuminated in red or green and can use in 10m steps one to one for the distance.
  • for example 1 = 10m , ... 5= 50m.. 10= 100m and so on.
  • DeanBow center serving machine, very small and flat, works also for compound crossbows, where you can make the new serving without to remove the string.
  • 6 x 16 inch ArcherOpterX .001 Carbon arrows with 145 grain ToHat Tips, Alphanocks
  • incl. a DeanBow bow press. You can change the String by yourself!!
  • pre streched and pre twisted ABB Premium String
  • incl. a bipod
  • Incl. a 44 x 44 22 cm special foam target block. approximate 10kg, does fit for arrows with up to 260 Joule or up to 192 feed pounds
  • available in 4 different wood design
  • DeanBow center serving machine, very small and flat, works also for compound crossbows, where you can make the new serving without to remove the string.
  • incl. quiver adapter right or left
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Delivery time: 1-3 working days.

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As German direct importer for crossbows of Dean Crossbows we offer full technical service, many years of experience, complete spare parts in stock as well as qualified advice.

Our impression

The Dean Crossbow comes in 2018 thats sure, but the exactly day is not yet known. Please visit more often our website for more news and information.

Three short movies for your interest:

Video 1: Deanbow 110m shot

Dean Crossbows Story

Dean Crossbows Exclusive Crossbows Manufacture

Deanbow - Video Tutorial 1

Technical specification

Dean Crossbows Co.
Type (Compound/Recurve)
Draw weight
375 lbs
Teflon impregnated
Dryfire protection
Hollow machined track
Number of limbs
CNC machined riser
Sight base included
Length incl. stirrup
Bowstring material
Trigger safety
3,5 lbs
Trigger safety autom
Withdrawal force
Overall width
16,1 Inch
Dampening system
Length without stirrup
Loudness (tendency)
sehr leise ++
nach oben öffnend
String and cablesystem
Total mass
Trackless crossbow, integrated loading system, it is possible to let the latch aktiv forward to the string only with press a button. The latch catch the string and the loading can start. For a transport is the Deanbow folding aup to a biggest dimension of 54 cm. The bow can deinstalled or installed with only one main bolt very fast. The bow dimension in expended condition is 16,1 inch, axle to axle less in cocked condition much less

Arrow speed

  • Minimalarrow ( grain):
    Arrow speed
    Arrow energy
  • Idealarrow (440 grain):
    Arrow speed
    117 m/s
    421,2 km/h
    385 fps
    Arrow Energy
    196 Joule E0
    145 ft-lb (foot-pound)
  • Standardarrow (506 grain):
    Arrow speed
    Arrow Energy

Matchin crossbowarrows

Arrow weight
440 grain
Shaft spline carbon
Shaft spline alu
Arrow length
16 Inches
min. arrow diameter
8,7 mm


  • max. adjustable range with scope and accessories (elevation scope mount):
    132/200 yard
  • max. range standardvisor:
    132 + yard
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