Excalibur 365 Micro Black LE Wolverine

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365 Micro Black LE Wolverine, Excalibur

The 365 Micro Black LE Wolverine will be provided with following:

  • 365 Micro Black LE 365 Micro Black LE
  • No image available Excalibur Rope Cocker
  • 16.5 3x 16.5" ArcherOpterX R, 2" Blazer Vanes, .001, Brass Insert, Flat Nock
  • TopHat arrow tip 125 grain Bullet 11/32 3x TopHat arrow tip 125 grain Bullet 11/32
  • R.E.D.S Suppressors (For Micro, Matrix Grizzly and Matrix CUB) R.E.D.S Suppressors (For Micro, Matrix Grizzly and Matrix CUB)
  • R.A.V.S. Limb Saver R.A.V.S. Limb Saver
  • Excalibur Cheek Piece - black (for Micro & Bulldog models) Excalibur Cheek Piece - black (for Micro & Bulldog models)
  • Excalibur The Guardian Anti-Dry Fire Scope Mount Excalibur The Guardian Anti-Dry Fire Scope Mount
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The Excalibur 365 Micro Black is an ARROW IN APPLE 2024 special model in cooperation with Excalibur. These limited edition models have consecutive and unique numbers.

The 365 Micro Black belongs to the latest generation of the 360 series, i.e. it has the limbs of a 400 but the extension of a 360 Micro. This makes the crossbow with these limbs one of the most durable and long-lasting crossbows of recent years. We are not aware of any (non-fault) warranty cases worldwide from the year 2023.

The crossbow is assembled very quickly and with just a single main screw. In contrast to the TD models, the assembly takes a few seconds longer, but is much more robust thanks to the special form fit. In addition to the R.E.D.S. dampers, the bow is equipped with the most effective damping system for the limbs, the R.A.V.S.. The lock is the standard Excalibur lock, with which arrows with rhinonocks as well as flat nocks can be used (unlike the Caesefireschloss, where only rhinonocks may be used).

A TriggerTec trigger can also be installed. We offer the variant in a package and with built-in TriggerTec without extra installation costs.

The crossbow is completely black and is supplied with mounted wooden grip elements.

Technical specification

365 Micro Black LE Wolverine
Excalibur Crossbow Inc
Type (Compound/Recurve)
Draw weight
290 lbs
2,6 kg
9,25 Inch
Teflon impregnated
Dryfire protection
Number of limbs
CNC machined riser
Sight base included
Length incl. stirrup
32 Inch
Bowstring material
Trigger safety
Trigger safety autom
Dampening system
Length without stirrup
29,1 Inch
Loudness (tendency)
sehr leise
String and cablesystem
Total mass
5,75 lbs
With integrated Excalibur standard trigger, no special cams required, very good and easily extendable with a Triggertech trigger. The limbs of a 400 series are fitted to the bow, which work excellently with the shorter draw of the 360 series and make the bow practically indestructible. The trigger weight can be reduced to 0.68 kg with the help of the Triggertech trigger.

Arrow speed

  • Minimalarrow (355 grain):
    Arrow speed
    108,2 m/s
    389,52 km/h
    365 fps
    Arrow energy
    134 Joule E0
    99,3 ft-lb (foot-pound)
  • Idealarrow (393,2 grain):
    Arrow speed
    107,6 m/s
    387,36 km/h
    353 fps
    Arrow Energy
    147,6 Joule E0
    109,3 ft-lb (foot-pound)
  • Standardarrow (506 grain):
    Arrow speed
    Arrow Energy

Matchin crossbowarrows

Arrow weight
393,2 grain
Shaft spline carbon
Shaft spline alu
Arrow length
16,5 Inches
min. arrow diameter
8,7 mm


  • max. adjustable range with scope and accessories (elevation scope mount):
    132 yard
  • max. range standardvisor:
    60 yard
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