TenPoint Flatline 460 Veil Alpine

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Flatline 460 Veil Alpine, TenPoint Crossbows

The Flatline 460 Veil Alpine will be provided with following:

  • Flatline 460 Veil Alpine
  • TenPoint ACUSlide (integrierte Kurbelspannhilfe)
  • TenPoint 6-Arrow Tech Quiver
  • 16" TenPoint EVO-X CenterPunch, 2.1″ Q2i Fusion-II Vanes, .001, Brass Insert, Yellow HP Alpha Nock (6 pk)
  • 6x Arrow tip
  • TenPoint Xtend 7.5" Adjustable Crank Handle (Universal fit for all AD units)
  • TenPoint Scope Struts
  • TenPoint OD Green / Black Meshback Trucker Hat
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Meet the Fastest Compact Crossbow Ever, the Flatline 460. Carry Less. Hit Harder. Shoot Flatter.

The Flatline shoots a blistering 460 feet-per-second and delivers unrivaled long-range accuracy. Equipped with a 100-yard scope, the Flatline 460 maximizes accuracy and durability with NEW Scope Struts and a longer dovetail that increase strength by 80-percent. This combination provides a rock-solid foundation for your scope to deliver long-range accuracy and “bulletproof” in-the-field durability. The NEW longer dovetail allows for more scope adjustments, heavier scope options, and provides the strength of a full-length rail without the added weight.

Featuring a perfectly balanced reverse-draw platform that is unmatched in its ability to produce speed and power, the Flatline 460 is equipped with a 2-stage, zero-creep S1 Trigger that delivers a consistent crisp, 3.5-pound pull.

Not only does the Flatline de-cock, it de-cocks safely – separating TenPoint from other crossbows on the market. While other crossbows on the market can be de-cocked, the patented ACUslide on the Flatline 460 eliminates the potential of losing control during de-cocking which can lead to injury or costly bow damage. If your hand innocently slips off the handle, the handle stops in its place.

Technical specification

Flatline 460 Veil Alpine
TenPoint Crossbow Technologies
Type (Compound/Recurve)
Draw weight
300 lbs
3,4 kg
Teflon impregnated
Dryfire protection
Hollow machined track
Number of limbs
CNC machined riser
Sight base included
Length incl. stirrup
27,5 Inch
Bowstring material
Trigger safety
2,99 lbs
Trigger safety autom
Overall width
15 Inch
Dampening system
Length without stirrup
26,5 Inch
Loudness (tendency)
sehr leise
TenPoint S1
String and cablesystem
Total mass
7,5 lbs

Arrow speed

  • Minimalarrow (410 grain):
    Arrow speed
    140,2 m/s
    504,72 km/h
    460 fps
    Arrow energy
    255 Joule E0
    189 ft-lb (foot-pound)
  • Idealarrow ( grain):
    Arrow speed
    Arrow Energy
  • Standardarrow (506 grain):
    Arrow speed
    Arrow Energy

Matchin crossbowarrows

Arrow weight
Shaft spline carbon
Shaft spline alu
Arrow length
16 Inches
min. arrow diameter
8,7 mm


  • max. adjustable range with scope and accessories (elevation scope mount):
    132 + yard
  • max. range standardvisor:
    100 yard
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